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Home Security Tips


There is no such thing as “Burglar-proof". Installing an alarm system does not Burglar proof your home, car or office.  It will greatly reduce the chances of being burglarized when used properly.  However it only works if you actually use it and even then you still need to lock windows and doors. If you leave a window cracked open as a lot of people due. It is an open invitation to some burglars. Your alarm installer can set your alarm system up for a partially open window left open for air. And your locksmith can set your window up to lock in a partially open and closed position.  . . . . . .

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Prevent "window-shopping"


Just as you like to peek in the windows of a store you might want to shop at, burglars want a look inside your home. "So when a thief comes up to a house he's  going to look through the windows to see if this house is a place he will want to come back to and look for something valuable to take. If you have things like your purse or wallet, laptop computers or anything that maybe valuable that can be seen from outside your upping the odds of being burglarized and if you have to many valuables visible or something that is really valuable in plain sight you just might be setting yourself up for a smash and grab where they don’t care if you have an alarm because they will be gone in 15 seconds. Or worst yet you could set yourself up for a home invasion.  There are some common sense things you can do to lower the risks of that happening. Here are just a few.

  •  Move valuables away from any windows or open doors that someone can easily walk up and peak in. especially your front door and window.
  • Keep your curtains or blinds closed at night and when you’re gone.
  • · When you answer your door use the peep hole first. If you do open your door only open it far enough to make eye contact.  use your foot as a door stop.
  • Update your windows
  • Consider upgrading your windows


  • Add Security film to your window to guard against a burglar smashing a window to break in.
  • Keep your lawn groomed
  • Ensure street view of your home isn't obstructed by overgrown landscaping, so that potential burglars can't easily hide while approaching their target.
  • Use outdoor lights
  • "Get a motion light, the light comes on, it tells the thief that now someone has the opportunity to see them.
  • Make it look as though someone is home

Burglars want a house that is easy to get in and out of quickly and undetected. Their "job" becomes much harder if your home - they look for signs that your home by listening and looking for TVs, lights, radios, etc. So Consider using on timers for lights and radio or  a TV Light Simulator, which mimics on-screen motion, simulating the exact type of light produced by a real HDTV.

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