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Simple hacks to beef up your home security

Here are some simple locksmith DIY hacks, fast and effective hacks that relatively easy and will greatly improve your home security. By the mobile locksmiths in Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Ca.


Sliding glass doors are vulnerable to being pried off track.  To combat that two screws should be placed in the center of the door tract with one 6 inches from the closed the position and the other 6 inches from the open position as seen in this illustration.

For most sliding glass doors 2 inch screws should be used screwed in 1/16 inch above the sliding glass door, Leaving about ¾ inch of the screw visible though it will vary from door to door. So it’s best to tighten your screws to about ¾ inch and see if the door slides freely past the screws. The idea is to have the screws low enough that the door barely has enough room to slide past them.

                         (See illustration below)



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